Where Are the Grown-Ups? A Nation in Peril! P1

What is happening in America, this country that I love so much, this country that was founded on biblical principles.

“A City upon a Hill” is a phrase from the parable of Salt and Light in Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount. In Matthew 5:14, he tells his listeners, “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.”

America was first referred to as a city upon a hill by Puritan Pastor John Winthrop’s lecture or treatise, “A Model of Christian Charity” delivered on March 21, 1630 at Holyrood Church in Southampton before his group of Massachusetts Bay colonists embarked on the ship Arbella to settle Boston. Winthrop warned his fellow Puritans that their new community would be “as a city upon a hill, the eyes of all people are upon us”, meaning, if the Puritans failed to uphold their covenant with God, then their sins and errors would be exposed for all the world to see: “So that if we shall deal falsely with our God in this work we have undertaken and so cause him to withdraw his present help from us, we shall be made a story and a byword through the world”.

In the halls of America’s schools, political chambers and across her media centers, are calls for the godless Socialist agenda. Even though when you talk to most people calling for this, they can’t define what socialism is. The growing passion for the nanny state, the adolescent lasciviousness of leaders in institutional and corporate life, even within the church. The schoolyard style, tone, and behaviors alleged and actual, that constitute policy debate and political discourse in our age reveal not only a coarsening of our culture, but its childishness as well.

A national immaturity has set in that makes the country as unstable as a school bus full of warring seventh graders. How have we come to this? Where will it lead? Where are the grown-ups? 1The reality of socialism is this, it’s a pseudo-religion grounded in pseudo- science and enforced by political tyranny.

Which brings me to the conclusion that there is an urgent need to depict the realities of socialism to Americans who have never heard of the Berlin Wall, the Gulag, the killing fields of Cambodia, the Tiananmen Square massacre, or the daily bread lines in Moscow. I don’t really believe that millennials would choose socialism, if in exchange for “free” education and “free” health care, they would have to give up their personal property, such as their iPhones? it’s reported that seven percent of millennials declare their willingness to live under communism, but would they, if they knew the real costs of communism as practiced in some 40 nations over the past century?

The denial of free speech, a free press, and free assembly, the imprisonment and execution of dissidents, no free and open elections, no independent judiciary or rule of law, the dictatorship of the Communist Party in all matters and on all occasions? Karl Marx was born on May 5, 1818, in the German city of Trier. Though Jewish, his family converted to Protestantism in 1824 in order to avoid anti-Semitic laws and persecution. Marx rejected religion early on in his youth and made it clear that he was an atheist. Marx’s viewed religion as an ‘opiate for the people’ that perpetuated social inequality.

The basis of his argument is that humans should be led by reason and that religion was masking the truth and misguiding followers. He believed that when one views society and life through the lens of religion, they are blinded to the realities of their life. Religion, then, was a false hope and comfort to the poor. He saw that poor used their religion to find comfort in their circumstances, thus aiding in the process of alienation.