Are You Ready?

We should view ourselves as stewards who have been entrusted with time, money, and abilities, which we are to use for the Kingdom work. After telling His disciples to seek for His kingdom, Jesus goes on to exhort them to be ready for His return, because when He comes, He will judge everyone. ARE YOU READY!

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It’s Time To Work

 Ecclesiastes say’s that there is a time and season for everything under the sun, and I declare to you that are gathered here today, you listening to this broadcast or watching the video. It’s time, it’s time, and it’s time. It’s time for the church to be the church, it’s time for the real men and women of God to stand for the Lord, and it’s time for the preachers to start preaching, the prophets to prophecy, the healers to start healing, the singers to start singing, it’s time

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Deliver Us From Evil

 Considering the spiritual, moral condition of our land, our society today, you might think that because of the corruption in our government systems our civil leaders from 1900 Pennsylvania Ave in DC, all the way down here to our local level, our elected leaders are failing us, failing the Lord, to use a popular phrase “Houston we got a problem.”

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